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A lot of people like owning and driving cars, but no one likes to repair them or pay to have them repaired. But cars are like anything else; if you use them, they eventually need attention.
Fewer and fewer consumers are able to do their own repairs. That means calling a professional mechanic when something goes wrong, and choosing a bad one can cost you a fortune.
While some auto mechanics are honest people, there are more than a few that have been known to take advantage of consumers by engaging in a number of unethical practices:
Padding the price with unnecessary repairs.
Padding the price with work not actually done.
Charging for new parts when using used ones or charging for factory parts when using third-party parts.
Providing higher estimates to female customers than they do to men.
Using the wrong mechanic can not only cost you money, but it can actually endanger your life if the work was not done properly or even done at all.
What can you do to make sure that the mechanic you hire will do a good job and treat you fairly?
Everyone hears horror stories about people who took their car to a mechanic who charged them a huge sum of money for a repair, only to have the problem return within weeks (or even days).
While not all mechanics are this way, hearing stories like this usually raise some concerns, especially in those who are not particularly car savvy.
If you are unsure of how to find a mechanic who will be honest and offer you the best deals, don't despair. You can find a mechanic who will do you right, as long as you follow a few tips.
First of all, you should talk to other people who have cars, especially if they have had their cars for quite some time. Most "seasoned" automotive owners have found someone that they can count on to repair their car at a fair and reasonable price.
Ask around and see what you find. While you may not get the same answer from everyone, you will definitely have an idea of where to start, and hopefully someone you trust will be able to get you in contact with a mechanic who has kept their cars running for years.
Something else that you can do is compare mechanics yourself, face to face. Instead of having your car repaired by the first mechanic who sees your car, take it in and ask them to not make any repairs. Ask them to tell you what is wrong with your car, what they would do to fix it, and how much it would cost. Advice such as this will either be free or will cost much less than repair. You can then take your car into other auto mechanics and ask them similar questions. This way, even if you were to get four different opinions (or supposed opinions) on your car's conditions, you may be able to get an idea of what needs to be done.

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